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Spire Accounting software is a Canadian-developed accounting and business management Software from Spire Systems. It evolved from the company's earlier product BVEssentials, which was an add-on for Sage BusinessVision that made many operations better, faster and more flexible.

Once it became obvious Sage were no longer improving BusinessVision, Spire Accounting was developed to provide the same market with a much better, more flexible, more robust and more modern alternative.

Initially, most Spire users were companies migrating from BusinessVision, because from the beginning, Spire included a full data migration tool that ports ALL your BusinessVision data straight into Spire - so you get to keep all your history - all at no additional cost.

Later, Spire launched a similar tool to convert data from Quickbooks as well, so many QB users came into the Spire fold also.

Spire has all the functions and capabilities you would expect to find in a small-business accounting system, including:

Spire has become the major option in the small to medium-sized business market for modern, cost-effective software that's capable of so much more than anything else at its modest price point.

As one Spire's resellers / Partners from the very beginning, we are very experienced with implementing Spire and making best use of its capabilities. Have a look at the professional services we can offer our clients to accomplish this.

Call us today to find out what Spire and Kirby, Pezzack And Associates can do to help your business thrive!

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