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By now, many of our clients have heard about the Spire, but they're not quite sure yet what it is or why they should care about it.

Let's discuss that and start to learn about Spire and how it's the future.

What is Spire?

Spire is the new generation of Essentials (formerly BVEssentials), which is a certified third-party add-on module for Sage BusinessVision.

When it was first developed starting in 2001, BVEssentials was initially an add-on to make Order Entry in BusinessVision simpler and more flexible, and it did that. Since then, many additional features have been added to BVEssentials as users requested more and more functionality.

Eventually, it became clear that Sage aren't really interested in keeping BusinessVision alive, but really just want to move users over to other Sage products. While this might be appropriate for some, most really like the overall workflow of BusinessVision, especially when enhanced with BVEssentials.

So, what to do? What the developers of BVEssentials decided to do was to extend BVEssentials to deliver ALL the functionality BusinessVision users need, update the database engine to a really modern platform, and set out to replace BusinessVision in the market.

These are lofty goals, but they are on track to deliver.

Over the last couple of years, BVEssentials has grown rapidly, with new AR, AP, Payroll, GL and other modules that can mostly replace what BusinessVision does.

Spire has the same user interface & screens as BVEssentials, but the database engine has been replaced, as noted. When you switch from BusinessVision and BVEssentials to Spire, it will be a completely stand-alone system, and you can stop using BusinessVision ... all while keeping ALL your BusinessVision data.

A few quick and Important Notes about Spire:
  • Spire is the ONLY solution that will retain ALL of your BusinessVision data
  • Spire costs about the same as BusinessVision for more companies - less if you already own BVEssentials
  • Spire is modern, robust and flexible, but follows workflows that are familiar to BusinessVision users
  • Spire are in it for the long haul, and they will continue to deliver great products and great support

Spire is the Future for Sage BusinessVision users

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