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Privacy Policy - Collection and use of personal information

Last updated: July, 2023

We Respect Your Privacy

Kirby, Pezzack And Associates Inc. ("The Company", "We", "our") respects the privacy of our clients and all visitors to our web site, ("Site"). The Company does not collect any personal information on this Site.


Logs provided by our web hosting service collect certain information to document traffic patterns of visitors accessing our site. For most visitors, these logs do not contain any information that would identify users, apart from the user's IP address and operating system and browser versions, as well as the dates, times and numbers of views of specific pages within the Site. The exception is for any portion(s) of the Site to which a user may have been granted password-protected access, in which case user names are also recorded when used. However, no personal information other than the user name is recorded or stored anywhere on our Site.

Cookies & Related

The Company does not use cookies, clear GIFs, web beacons or other tools to track your actions on our site. Many sites on the Internet place small files called "cookies" on your computer to track your activity on their sites and present specific information to you depending on that activity. This can be harmless or dangerous to the visitor depending on the specific use of the cookies. Our hope is that if you decide you might like to consider becoming a client, you will decide to phone us. We don't need to pester you.


Under no circumstances and in no fashion will any data about visitors to our Site be disclosed, transferred or communicated to anyone outside the Company except: for the purposes of troubleshooting technical difficulties with the site; or as lawfully demanded by law-enforcement authorities; or as required by the Privacy Policy of our web hosting service provider. The Company will take all reasonable measures to protect the contents of such data. This data will be used within the Company only by authorized individuals, and only to ensure that our Site meets the needs of our users to the best of our ability.

Changes to This Policy

The Company reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time and for any reason, without notice or obligation of any kind to any party.

Please address any questions or comments you may have in writing to the following address:

Kirby, Pezzack And Associates Inc.

P.O. Box 38069 Bridgeport

Waterloo, Ontario Canada

N2J 4T9

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