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About Kirby, Pezzack And Associates Inc.

Kirby, Pezzack And Associates Inc. is a technology consulting firm focused on selling and supporting Spire Accounting software, plus designing outstanding custom forms and custom reports for Spire users.

Located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada we provide services to clients across Canada and the USA.

What we do, and how we got here

Kirby, Pezzack And Associates Inc. was founded in 1991 by Hugh Kirby, Tom Pezzack and Charles Pezzack in Toronto.

Originally, we started as an ACCPAC consultancy, then soon moved on to BusinessVision, which was then an upstart in the Canadian accounting software business. We found that if we showed prospects both ACCPAC and BusinessVision, they almost all preferred BusinessVision for its ease of use and much lower cost.

As BusinessVision quickly expanded its offerings, so did we. We started supporting various networks as well as other hardware and general business software, but BusinessVision stayed as our primary product offering.

Since about 2015, we've refocused the business around Spire Accounting software, because BusinessVision ran its course and became almost abandoned once Sage bought it (see The Future of BusinessVision - overview for more on that).

At the same time, we've de-emphasized doing the day-to-day systems / network maintenance work, because there are other companies out there that do that very well all day long every day that we can confidently refer to our clients. That leaves us free to focus on what we do best and enjoy the most.

Since those early days over 30 years ago, we have maintained a commitment to helping our clients prosper by using the best available business software and hardware. What we offered that was - and remains - different is that many of our competitors are either accountants who don't really understand technology intimately, or technophiles who don't really grasp how small businesses operate. To be sure, some of our competitors are very good, but many are too narrowly focused.

Over the years, we've grown our client base slowly and deliberately, and expanded our service and product offerings mostly by growing a committed, loyal and highly-competent network of associates with expertise in most of the areas in which small businesses need the most help. All of our partners understand business as well as they do the technologies they employ.

We take great pride in the success of our clients, and the fun and interesting challenges they throw at us with great regularity are what makes this business fun for us. We love a good challenge!

Today, the company is owned and run by Charles Pezzack, and remains committed to supporting Spire and creating great custom forms and reports (and doing the odd bit of BusinessVision if it's called for!). As our clients go, so we go, and we believe Spire is the direction that best suits the needs of our clients over the next ten to twenty years.

So, if your company is ready to take the next step to really start to leverage technology - including Spire Accounting - please feel free to contact us so we can see how we can help you succeed as well.

Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service.

Charles Pezzack

Kirby, Pezzack And Associates Inc.

Please contact us to learn how we can help you use Spire Accounting and custom forms and reports to improve your business!

Kirby, Pezzack And Associates Inc.

P.O. Box 38069 Bridgeport

Waterloo, Ontario Canada    N2J 4T9


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