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Effective Implementation of Business Management Systems

Our Clients

What kinds of clients are a great fit with us?

We have clients in a wide range of industries, ranging from very small to medium-sized companies.

Many clients used to use Sage BusinessVision, but have now moved forward to Spire Accounting, since Spire can convert all of your existing BusinessVision data.

Some of those clients use Spire primarily for straight accounting purposes, and some for advanced workflow management. Others also use it to securely provide data for external applications such as web reporting or custom tools for analyzing their businesses.

In addition, since Spire now has a Quickbooks conversion tool, QB users can now choose to migrate most of their data directly to Spire.

Client Industries Represented

Here are just some of the industries represented by our clients:

What a typical new client looks like

Our clients range in size from 4- or 5-person shops doing $500k in business a year, to plants with several hundred employees generating well over $50M a year of sales.

Typical new client profile

A 'typical' new client usually wants to stop the hassles and headaches, and wants the best help to build for the future. See if this sounds like you:

  • 5 to 30 station network, typically with 10-50 employees total
  • Distribution, light manufacturing or service industries
  • Needs to grow the business, but wants to make smarter use of technology to improve the results of a growing business instead of adding a lot more staff
  • Ready to view technology as a strategic investment rather than just an expense
  • Frustrated by technology that can't adequately move from 'data' to 'information' - which means anything from some new custom reporting for their existing software, to a complete system overhaul
  • Unhappy with the expertise, approach or experience of previous support personnel
  • Fed up trying to "get by" by using old or inadequate systems that frustrate every attempt at progress or change, or that they know leave their data vulnerable

Please contact us to learn how we can help you use Spire Accounting and custom forms and reports to improve your business!

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