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Ongoing Hardware & Software Support

Everyone needs someone to lean on from time to time

Sometimes, things break down.

This is an unfortunate fact of life, but you can reduce the risk with a proactive plan to maintain your systems. This is critical in today's climate, where unexpected problems can be more costly and disruptive than people have the patience - or the budget - for.

With support and maintenance options from pre-set amounts of service each month, to all-you-can-eat support, we have options available to fit almost any budget.

The key, though, is to avoid problems in the first place, and this comes from planning ahead and from maintaining your systems properly, the same as you would maintain your car or your home.

As well, don't forget that maintenance goes not only for your hardware, but also your software systems. Combined, these systems are absolutely critical to any business today, and you can't afford to be hobbled. Times may be difficult, but there are certain day-to-day tasks that you just can't put off, like backups, Windows Updates, Anti-virus updates, PC and server health checks, and many others. We can take care of these things for you so you can relax and focus on your business, knowing that everything's under control.

Everyone will have some sort of problem from time to time. The reality, though, is that fixing a critical problem in an emergency WILL cost more than preventing that same problem. Emergency costs never include just hardware, software and emergency tech support costs. They also include undue amounts of downtime. Downtime equals lost productivity, lost opportunity and probably lost sales. You really can't afford that, and the risk of having emergency problems CAN be vastly reduced, at an affordable cost.

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