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Custom Solution Development

Sometimes even Sage BusinessVision isn't quite enough

Most times, clients find that Sage BusinessVision - especially combined with BVEssentials - does everything they need, but some clients need extra efficiencies due to processes that are a little unusual, or the nature of their business. In these cases, we can offer them unique solutions to unique problems by creating tools, utilities or full-blown applications for them to meet their business needs. It might sound expensive, but it's actually a lot cheaper than buying ACCPAC or some other higher-end system to get the functionality, and it's a lot cheaper than hiring additional people to keep control on your processes when things get busier.

Our custom development projects range from the quick & simple to complex and comprehensive. Our focus is to let computers do what they do well - replacing repetitive, manual tasks with computing horsepower. This frees people to do what people do well - thinking, deciding, interacting.

The results include better customer service, improved staff morale and higher productivity - resulting in the ability to grow your business more quickly without having to add additional staff or additional workload on the existing staff. The most common categories of custom application and tools we develop are these:

Common Categories of Custom Applications

  • Custom report development to turn your BusinessVision / BVEssentials and other data into information you can use - using Crystal Reports, MS Access, Excel and similar tools
  • Custom applications to meet unique requirements - either stand-alone or integrated with your BusinessVision system. We employ Microsoft .Net, Ajax, Visual Basic, SQL Server, MS Access, ASP/ASP.NET (web), mobile and other platforms, whichever are the best choices for a specific project
  • Reporting Tools (including web-based) that allow people inside or outside your office to securely access the information they need to do their jobs effectively

Examples of custom development projects

Our custom development projects range from the quick & simple to complex and comprehensive. Some are standalone applications, but most are designed to integrate with BusinessVision behind the scenes.

A small taste of what we've done for other clients:

Custom Projects Successfully Completed for Clients

  • Custom BusinessVision forms - we produce great-looking, functional forms that meet the needs of our clients and their audiences - everything from quotes & invoices, to purchase orders, statements, to barcoded labels that get laminated & attached to products brought in for service   <more...>
  • Custom BusinessVision reports - we often tweak existing reports to exactly meet client requirements. As well, we create many brand new reports from the ground up to present the information specific audiences need, in the format they require. These could be simple "list" type reports, or much larger reports relating data in ways that otherwise would be hugely time-consuming   <more...>
  • Data Extraction tools - simple, inexpensive tools for ad-hoc extraction of BusinessVision data into Excel, for customer contact worksheets, inventory movement analysis, detailed sales analysis - anything you can imagine needing
  • Commission analysis and reporting - typically, we can reduce analysis and reporting time from 2-3 days to 2-3 hours per month using MS Access, Crystal Reports or other tools
  • Web Reporting packages - we can make selected data available to outside sales reps / customers; in one case, we eliminated 30-40 hours a week of staff time answering queries from reps & customers, while providing far better self-serve response time
  • Data Warehouses - automated extraction of whatever data you need, from whatever source, all deposited into a common "warehouse" of data for use with reporting / analysis tools, web sites and more
  • Data Exchange tools - routines written to automatically send/receive data to/from BusinessVision for exchange with suppliers or customers, eliminating layers of manual data re-entry
  • Complete Workflow Systems - to handle quotations, costing, purchasing, production, inventory and invoicing without re-keying data
  • Order Status Management - utilities to allow individual production / warehouse users to update the status of any order, making this information available to all users immediately - even remotely over the web
  • Bulk Data Management - to simplify or automate maintenance of large volumes of costing / pricing, customer / supplier or inventory data; one specific project enables a client to automatically add inventory items and import weekly price list changes from an industry data provider; another enables our client to rapidly update pricing and costing on thousands of items and produce future and current price lists for e-mailing to customers

BusinessVision provides a great platform for extending its functionality with custom tools, utilities and full-blown applications. Many of our clients have benefited from such development, and it can be a very cost-effective way to make your business more efficient.

Think you have a process that can't be automated?

We love a challenge - so, whether you use BusinessVision or are considering it, if you think there's a process it can't automate, let us know, because in all likelihood, if BusinessVision can't do it directly, we can build you something that will. Please contact us today, so we can discuss your requirements.

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