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Network Servers, Software & Other Gear

Products at the core of a rock-solid network

It pays to buy the right network hardware, software and other components. Since a network is only as good as its weakest link, you need to be sure to find the right balance between price, features and performance.

We can help you select the right balance, using the following product lines and more:

Industry Leading Network Gear

  • Network Servers: HP/Compaq plus other name-brand or custom-built for maximum performance from a tight budget
  • Switching / Routers / VPNs: Linksys/Cisco, D-Link and others
  • Backup Systems: HP/Compaq, Quantum (formerly Seagate/Certance), Exabyte, Symantec Backup Exec, CA ARCserve software
  • Network Power Protection: from APC, the clear market leader to protect your systems and data from power disturbances
  • Network software: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 / 2008 / Small Business Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Anti-Virus / Spam filtering / other security products: from industry leaders Symantec, Intel (McAfee) and selected others

Proven Name Brands We Recommend

When it comes to network equipment and software, your best bet will usually be the best name brands. There's usually a reason they're the biggest, and that's a history and reputation for quality products, well-supported. Here are just a few that we support and love working with:

HP Logo Symantec Logo Microsoft Logo Linksys Logo D-Link Logo McAfee SaaS / MXLogic Logo APC Logo

Network products and services that actually deliver

Please call us today to discuss your network requirements. We can come audit your environment and recommend solid yet affordable solutions that will work for your business to take away the pain of a network that doesn't work.

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