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Other Products We Offer

All the other bits & pieces you need to put it all together

From PCs to general software, we can recommend the choices that are most appropriate for your business, so that things just work. Here are just some of the other products we provide to our clients:

Other Products Offered

  • Workstation PCs: We will sell only high-quality, business-class PCs that can be custom-configured and optimized for you needs, and supported by great warranties
  • Power protection: from APC to protect your systems and data
  • Printers, LCD monitors, plus many accessories, supplies, components, upgrades, etc.
  • Network and workstation security products including anti-virus software / spyware tools, spam filtering services, etc.
  • Other Software: Microsoft Office and other applications, plus any number of brands of utility and miscellaneous software

Technology products and services that actually deliver

Please call us today to discuss your hardware or software requirements. We can provide just about anything a small business could need, and we know how to make it work for you.

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