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Third-Party Add-On Modules For Sage BusinessVision

Add-ons to help you make the most of Sage BusinessVision

One of the great things about Sage BusinessVision is that it is a platform that lends itself to the development of tools, utilities and full applications that link to it to perform functions that either don't exist in BusinessVision itself, or that further automate functions that do exist.

Because Sage have encouraged the development of add-on applications, many outstanding third-party utilities and tools have been developed for use with Sage BusinessVision. Here are just a few of the best and most popular certified third-party solutions that you may wish to consider:

Selected BusinessVision Third-Party Add-Ons

  • BVEssentials Limited - now FREE for first year - inventory / customer code changes, sales history edits of non-financial fields, Inventory labels from sales and receipts, and more.
    BVEssentials features include:
    • BVEssentials Logo inventory labels - based on item list, receipts, POs, invoices; label quantities can be based on invoice / receipt / on-hand quantity; can set to 1 or edit manually; can change sequence - e.g., by item, description, location, etc.
    • sales history - view by any combination of dates, customer, territory, salesperson, category (product code), item, ship-to code, invoice number, etc.; can view one line per invoice, or all details
    • inventory management - receiving, adjustments, warehouse transfers
    • change customer or part numbers - note: now supports Workbook; can now import a list of changes; can save the list of pending changes, then post whenever ready
    • history edit - change territory, salesperson, ship-to, contact, PO#, ship via, reference, FOB; can also change item description, comments - anything non-financial such as prices or quantities
    • reports - all sections of the program come with a variety of different reports; all labels and reports can be customized
    • FREE Limited edition - includes software maintenance for the first year; after that, if you wish to keep using it, you pay only the nominal annual maintenance charge
    • upgrade to Spire - customers who have purchased the full version of BVEssentials will get a FREE license upgrade once Spire comes out. For more info, please see the future of Sage BusinessVision
  • BVEssentials Sales Manager - the paid version adds the following in addition to all the features in the free Limited Edition (above):
    • Full List Views and vastly superior Filters in all modules
    • Full sales order processing from quotes to invoices
    • Purchase orders
    • Requisitions - identify items that need to be ordered from sales orders or inventory, then automatically generate the Purchase Orders required
    • Full AR, AP, GL and Payroll modules
    • Full support for lot numbers
    • Full multi-currency support
    • Full control over the rights of each user, including being able to limit CSRs or sales rep users to only being able to see customers and orders for their own territory
    • Other optional BVEssentials add-on modules available: Production Manager, Service Manager, Rental Manager, Custom Fields (similar to Workbook in BusinessVision), and more
    • Significant ongoing development that will lead to Spire by early 2015. New modules expected for Spire over the next couple of years include CRM, multiple languages and more
    • Read more about BVEssentials
  • MK DocuFire logo MK DocuFire (formerly PowerFax / Messenger) - automate e-mailing, faxing and printing of BusinessVision documents (invoices, statements, etc.) or for broadcasting to your customers. Achieves significant reduction in mailing costs as well as better contacts with your customers. New version for BusinessVision version 7 is faster than ever, and has dozens of new and more convenient features. Also works with BVEssentials
  • MK PowerTools SQL Logo MK PowerTools - database management tools including Code Change / Merge / Purge for Inventory, Customer, Supplier and GL Account codes. Also includes BV Undo tools to automatically reverse an incorrect invoice or re-open an issued PO
  • BASIS Inventory System BASIS Inventory System - Use BASIS for counting physical inventory, receiving, shipping, bin tracking, label printing, and much more.
    • Runs on iPad / iPad Mini, even iPhone
    • Uses small Bluetooth (cordless) barcode scanners
    • Can also print all the barcode labels you need as you receive, pick or do physical inventory
    • Supports lot numbers as well as serial numbers, and integrates fully with BVEssentials / Spire (when it's released)

Note that some older BusinessVision add-ons have been discontinued, notably InBridge, BVImport and PurchasePro, all previously offered by RWA Software. However, the functionality of those add-ons can be achieved in other ways. Please give us a call and we'll help you figure out how to meet the specific needs you have!

Many Other Tools are available, with more being developed all the time. All of them are working to make their products compatible with the latest Sage BusinessVision releases, and they can be a great investment in productivity for your business.

Please call us today to discuss how some of these great add-ons can help your business.

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