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Essentials - Version Details

Version details on current versions of Essentials (formerly BVEssentials)

There are two main versions of Essentials (formerly BVEssentials), depending on which version of Sage BusinessVision you integrate with, and whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows environment.

This document provides general information on both, but the preferred version is 6.x for functionality and performance reasons.

In order to be eligible for Essentials updates (which come frequently), you need to be on a current annual maintenance plan. If your Essentials maintenance plan is expired, please contact us to help get you back on track.

If you have the FREE Essentials Limited Edition and are within your first year of use, you have an active annual maintenance plan. This means you ARE eligible for updates.

If you are interested in learning more about Spire and how it factors into the future for BusinessVision users, please see The Future of BusinessVision

Following are links to information on the supported versions. Note that we won't include the details on each and every Essentials update, as they come very frequently, and those details are available in the e-mail announcements sent to registered users when updates are released. If you want to read the release notes for the latest version, see the links below.

Essentials Version Details

Version 6.x (64-bit support)
Version 5.x (32-bit only)

If your Essentials is already reasonably current, in most cases the entire process takes just minutes to download and install the latest updates. Just take care to update ALL stations at the same time, so everyone is one the same version.

If you would like to get your Essentials up to date so you can enjoy all the new features, please contact us, and we'll be glad to assist you.

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