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Latest News - Essentials

Version update information, new features and anything else that's current news

If you're already using Essentials (formerly BVEssentials), you're probably interested in what's new. If you aren't yet using it, you should read more about what Essentials can do for your business today, and what its upcoming successor Spire will so be able to do for you.

Well, the first place to look is this overview of Essentials. You may also want to read more about why Spire factors into The Future of BusinessVision.

If you know all that and just want to know where Essentials stands today, here it is in brief:

  • Essentials continues to be under very active development, coinciding with the ongoing Spire development, since they are based on the same codebase - only the database engine it runs on will be changing
  • Five full-time developers have been working on the product for many months (by comparison, Sage now has just one developer working part-time on BusinessVision). Releases of Essentials have been fast and furious since mid-2013 especially, with all code being compatible with Spire
  • We've been testing beta versions of Spire since October 2014
  • Update! - Spire 1.0 was officially released March 30, 2015
  • Our expectation is that a realistic time frame for implementing Spire for existing Essentials users is probably starting around the summer or fall of 2015

We won't even really try to keep this page updated on all the new features of Essentials, since updates are being released almost weekly, and the number of new features and improvements month-to-month is pretty staggering.

Instead, see our BVEssentials Release Details page for links to current version information.

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