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Sage BusinessVision 2015 (7.8)

Top features in 2015 release

In October, 2014, Sage released Sage BusinessVision 2015 (7.8). There were a much smaller number of improvements queued up for this version, even compared to the prior year. All items are essentially bug fixes and a couple of very minor improvements.

Top Features in this version

Sage released the following list of improvements in BusinessVision 2015:

  • General:
    • Increment version to 2015 (yes, Sage actually listed this as a feature...)
  • Bug fixes - general:
    • PO serial numbers removed correctly
    • No longer creates extraneous payment history records for foreign currency transactions
    • Resolve File Access Error 10 when importing the alternate field for inventory items
    • Resolved access to Recurring Journal Entries utility
  • Bug fixes - data imports:
    • Remove extra prompts when importing extended descriptions
    • No longer adds customer name to the address file when importing customers
    • Kitted inventory items with negative on-hand quantities import correctly
  • Reports changes / fixes:
    • Comparative Performance Report displays values from the correct period
    • Detailed Aged AP by Name report displays the phone number

Features Released in Version 2015 Service Packs

Since the initial release of Sage BusinessVision 2015, there has been one Service Pack - V7.74A.

Features Released After Initial 2015 Release

Version 7.74A - Service Pack 1, March 2015

The following fixes were added to this service pack:

  • Instant Cheque form - Add the country to the address in the cheque form
  • Find Utility - When exporting inventory with multiple units of measure, previously exported multiple records to Excel; now exports just one
  • Point of Sale (POS) - Fix issue that caused the Part Number and Quantity fields to not be reset correctly when specific user rights were set
  • Report fix - Daily Sales Summary By Payment Method - Fix duplicate lines for payments made in foreign currency after currency revlauation

Despite a very small number of incremental improvements in Sage BusinessVision with this version, Sage do a good job in encouraging the development of third-party tools, utilities and applications, and the developers of these tools are certainly producing some great work. For info on some of these, have a look at some of the best third party add-ons.

If you need to streamline or expand your use of BusinessVision or the management of your BusinessVision data, please give us a call to discuss how some of these tools can actually save you money or make you money.

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