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Sage BusinessVision 2013 (7.6)

Top features in 2013 release

In the fall of 2013, Sage released Sage BusinessVision 2013 (7.6). There were a much smaller number of improvements in this version compared to prior versions, but there were still some nice additions.

Note that this version is no longer supported

Top New Features in this version

  • AR Payment Utility - allows a payment to be distributed manually against each invoice; for example, if a customer partially pays several invoices, you can record that, leaving outstanding amounts for all incomplete invoices
  • AP Payment Utility - allows payment of specific amounts against specific vendor invoices; for example, if you are partially paying multiple invoices on one cheque, this can now be done
  • GL Account Inactive flag - flag specific GL account as Inactive to prevent accidental posting to it
  • Customer / Vendor Account Inactive flag - flag a customer or vendor as either specific GL account as either Active, Inactive or On Hold. Inactive customers / vendors do not appear on customer / vendor Browses outside the Customer or Vendor module
  • Customer / S.O.'s tab - can now print Order Details, Order Confirmation or Quotation forms from the Customer module, without opening Order Entry
  • Inventory Item Inactive flag - flag specific item as Inactive, and it will not appear in Item browses outside the Inventory module
  • Auto-Generate Purchase Orders - from within Order Entry, can generate PO's based on backorders
  • Purchase Orders - copy any of your Warehouse addresses to the Ship-To tab
  • Offset Customer Balances - if you have a customer who is also a vendor, you can offset the balances and payments against each other
  • Business Intelligence Module - allows pivot table / pivot chart data summarization of sales orders, sales history, purchase orders and purchase history
  • User access rights - several additions to User Access module to accommodate the above new features

Features Released in Version 2013 Service Packs

Since the initial release of Sage BusinessVision 2013, there were a number of additional, incremental changes added. The main ones follow.

Features Released After Initial 2013 Release

  • Service Packs 1, 2 and 3 - fix multiple bugs
  • Service Pack 2 - cash receipt rounding to phase out the penny in Point of Sale (POS)
  • Service Pack 1 - add compatibility with Microsoft Office 2013

All in all, clients agreed the new features were good, even if there were not as many as in prior version upgrades. If you have product suggestions for Sage / BusinessVision, you can e-mail them to:

In additional to making some decent incremental improvements in Sage BusinessVision with this version, Sage also do a good job in encouraging the development of third-party tools, utilities and applications, and the developers of these tools are certainly producing some great work. For info on some of these, have a look at some of the best third party add-ons.

If you need to streamline or expand your use of BusinessVision or the management of your BusinessVision data, please give us a call to discuss how some of these tools can actually save you money or make you money.

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