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Sage BusinessVision 2011 (7.5)

Features added in BV2011 - version no longer supported

Sage BusinessVision 2011 was released in mid-2011.

Note that this version is no longer supported

Top New Features - Version 2011

Payroll Enhancements
  • New setup module makes it easier to setup payroll departments, benefits & deductions
  • Direct Deposit improvements including better control over user access (see below), and addition of data centre number for BMO and Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Earnings info in Employee Details screen has been moved from a pop-up window to its own separate tab
  • Significant Record of Employment (ROE) enhancements including electronic submission, hours worked for salaried employees, and more
  • Ability to edit / adjust T4 information for individual employees and produce T4 Summary report
Tax Structures

While Sage BusinessVision has always handled taxes pretty well, and did a good HST transition for Ontario users in 2010, the tax setups are expected to get a full overhaul to make essentially any tax structures possible. Expected improvements include:

  • Improved HST and provincial sales tax support including POS rebates used where some items attract HST at a lower rate than normal items; these changes are reflected in all related modules - sales tax setup, inventory, order entry, POS and purchase orders
  • Override tax codes on Purchase Orders, including a pop-up option to adjust tax codes used based on a selected ship-to address
Point of Sale (POS)

The POS module is getting a complete overhaul with a brand-new look & feel as well as some major new features:

  • New user interface that's simplified, yet more flexible. It supports touch screens, on-screen keyboard and other simplified cashier input. It will have much larger fonts that are easily readable by the cashier and across a checkout counter by the customer
  • Quick buttons for common coin / bill combinations
  • New Park & Hold function to allow you to put a sale on hold and process the next customer
  • Ability to designate a Salesperson (in addition to Territory that existed previously) on POS sale
  • Ability to select Ship-To addresses for POS sale
  • A new View History option allows the user to view a previous POS sale, and if desired to reverse (credit) it
  • Ability to print Gift Receipts, and more
User Setup Changes

To facilitate the other new features described above, the following changes have been made to the User Access settings for each user:

  • Payroll access - can select separately whether user has access to setup payroll departments, payroll schedule / direct deposit, payroll year-end / TD1 revisions, ROE, View Amounts, and T4 / T4 Summary functions
  • POS - new options to control access within POS to create layaways, display the on-screen keyboard and view history

Third-Party Software

Note that the third-party developers will always be a little behind Sage in releasing new versions, so it you use any of these products, always make sure they're compatible before you upgrade your BusinessVision software.

Although there are literally dozens of third-party vertical applications that integrate with BusinessVision, here are just some of the ones our clients have traditionally been most interested in (click here for more on third-party solutions):

Third-Party Software

  • Data management - clean up your customer / vendor / inventory data including merge / purge / change codes using PowerTools
  • Document management - eliminate mailing / document preparation costs and do easy direct marketing to your BV customer list using DocuFire
  • Order / inventory management - e.g., backorder management, warehouse management including OE+, BVImport, InBridge
  • E-Commerce - Add your BusinessVision data to your own web store (or multiple web stores) or website(s) using ZeckoShop

Sage continues to do a good job in encouraging the development of third-party tools, utilities and applications, and the developers of these tools are certainly producing some great work. If you need to streamline or expand your use of BusinessVision or the management of your BusinessVision data, please give us a call to discuss how some of these tools can actually save you money or make you money.

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