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Sage BusinessVision 2010 (7.4)

Top features in version released summer 2010

In June 2010, Sage released Sage BusinessVision 2010 (7.4). There were literally hundreds of improvements in this version, and clients reported it to be robust, stable and impressive.

While the scope of new features and improvements in version 2010 weren't quite as dramatic as in version 2009, the new version was definitely noteworthy.

Note that this version is no longer supported

Top New Features in this version

  • Bank Reconciliation - this module has had an overhaul that makes bank recs much simpler; many of the columns are sortable, allowing easy searching for cheque numbers, GL memos, dates, etc.; new "select all" button; bank rec report now clearly indicates whether an account has been fully reconciled or not
  • Accounts Payable - a new prompt after printing a cheque - "was the cheque printed properly"; if not, it allows you to reprint using either the same cheque number OR the next one; works as well in the instant cheque and batch payables modes
  • New "Report Groups" - will be able to set up a list of commonly used reports for each user; example: a group called "Month-end reports" might include every report that the accounting staff need to run at each month end; simplifies finding and remembering to run specific groups of reports, and reduces the number of reports people have to sort through to find what they need
  • New report - Inventory Historical Value - basically, works backwards from today's inventory levels back to a specific date, allowing for both inventory receipts and sales history, to arrive at inventory levels that existed at some point in the past
  • Browse customization - Ability to add even more fields to your customized browses; for example, in browsing Customers, you can see all their contact info, addresses, etc.
  • Find Module - now allows you to quickly Find customer-specific pricing (CSP) and vendor-specific pricing (VSP) information
  • Notes tabs - the title on the Notes tab in each module will now indicate the number of notes that exist, which is an easy way for a user to know whether there are notes they need to be sure to review before contacting a customer, vendor, etc.
  • Workbook setup - when using Date fields in the Workbook (part of the Custom Pack module), can now allow a new entry to use a blank date, or default to it; if you need this feature, you probably already know it
  • Payroll - employees have a new checkbox indicating CPP exemption, rather than just relying on the employee's birth date to trigger the exemption
  • Purchase Orders / Sales Orders - line item Required Date field has been added, which allows you to indicate for each line item when it is required; allows for scheduled deliveries of product over a period of time, without having to resort to using Workbook fields on each line item
  • Fully compliant to work with Windows 7 - as of today, version 2009 works under Windows 7, but there are a number of fairly minor functions that are known to not function (a workaround is to run it in "XP Mode")
  • Data Validation - essentially an integrity checking utility for your BusinessVision data to ensure any problems can be identified as soon as possible
  • General Ledger - this version reinstates an older feature that was left out of other 7.x versions, namely that as you enter a GL Journal Entry, the system will present you with amounts to balance all previous lines in the entry. This simplifies entry of Journal Entries, particularly short ones
  • And many more - of course, there were many other small changes included that helped make using BusinessVision that much better....

Features Released in Version 2010 Service Packs

Since the initial release of Sage BusinessVision 2010, there were a number of additional, incremental changes added. The main ones follow.

Features Released After Initial 2010 Release

  • Credit card processing - new regulations came into effect in July 2010 regarding credit card processing, relating the encryption, privacy and security; the existing credit card add-ons for Sage BusinessVision are not be fully compliant with these new regulations, so Sage BusinessVision now integrates with Sage Payment Solutions; the result will be better integration with BusinessVision as well as proper compliance with the new regs. If you accept credit cards either in Point Of Sale or in AR, you will need to be compliant with these changes, which will greatly simplify a lot of things, and keep you in line with the new regs; there will be support for credit and debit cards, PIN pads, etc., and we're told it will work properly in a Terminal Services environment
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2010 - Sage BusinessVision 2010 is now compatible with Office 2010
  • Software Assurance / Payroll Update Plan - there are new options available to give you more flexibility and choices in adding support to your basic Software Assurance plan
  • And more.....

All in all, clients agreed the new features were excellent, and Sage have done a really nice job of focusing their development efforts on things that end users and partners have told them we need, rather than just what they think we'd like. If you have product suggestions for Sage / BusinessVision, you can e-mail them to:

In additional to making some great strides in moving forward with Sage BusinessVision with this version, Sage also do a good job in encouraging the development of third-party tools, utilities and applications, and the developers of these tools are certainly producing some great work. For info on some of these, have a look at some of the best third party add-ons.

If you need to streamline or expand your use of BusinessVision or the management of your BusinessVision data, please give us a call to discuss how some of these tools can actually save you money or make you money.

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