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Sage BusinessVision 2009 / 7.3

Significant improvements in version released winter 2009

Just to clear up any possible confusion about versions: Rather than the version names used over the previous few years (e.g., "Sage BusinessVision 7.2"), Sage decided to revert to versioning based on the release date. Therefore, what many call "version 7.3" is formally called "Sage BusinessVision 2009".

There were a surprisingly large number of new features and improvements in this new version. We've listed a few of the more-appreciated ones below.

Note that this version is no longer supported

Top New Features - Sage BusinessVision 2009 / 7.3

  • The Find module now has its own icon on the taskbar - apparently, lots of users didn't know it existed
  • Print a form to multiple destinations - e.g., multiple printers, PDF archive, e-mail, etc. Each copy of the form can be sent to a different destination. We have lobbied for this one since version 7.0 came out, and think it really adds a lot. For example, you can now have a packing slip print at the shipper's desk, the order entry clerk's printer, and export and send to the sales rep's e-mail
  • Redesign of the AR and AP modules to fit the look and feel of the other modules rebuilt in version 7.0 and beyond (AR and AP did not get a complete makeover at that time). Includes tabs for related information and a ton of other useful additions, including: open items; inquiry; address & contact info; balances, etc. Also available is Average Days To Pay data. The transaction entry screen is now all together - you can set the bank account right there, there's no more pop-up for GST, etc. Plus, it just looks better, in keeping with all the improvements since 7.0
  • In Vendor Details, you can now specify a "Remit-To" address to allow cheques to go to a different address than the POs you send that vendor; you can use it for only the vendors for which it's required, and you can activate / de=activate the feature to allow you to send cheques to two different addresses for the vendor
  • In Customer / Vendor screens, there's a new link beside the address which links to your favourite web mapping tool - e.g., Google maps, Mapquest, etc. Nice touch for those planning sales / service calls
  • Data import - customer, vendor, inventory and other data can now be imported directly from Excel sheets - a big plus for those who need to update vendor costs or pricing on a regular basis. You'll also be able to import AR / AP transactions and have them post to the GL
  • Inventory - when adding a new item, you will be able to have it added either to a single warehouse or all warehouses (unfortunately, doesn't allow adding it to some / selected warehouses - but this was strongly suggested to Sage for a future update)
  • Order entry - copy an existing order or invoice as a new Quote (could previously copy to a new regular order)
  • New report - GL Transaction Journal By Date - helpful for archiving that year-end transactions list
  • New report - Top items by sales
  • Under the hood - the new version uses Pervasive 10.12 which supports 64-bit systems, including Windows Server 2008 (and which, incidentally, supports easier custom development by incorporating new .Net features)

All in all, our clients have been clear: the new features all look and work great. Sage did a really nice job of focusing their development efforts for this version on things that end users and partners have told them we needed, rather than just what they think we'd like.

In additional to making some great strides in moving forward with Sage BusinessVision with this version, Sage also do a good job in encouraging the development of third-party tools, utilities and applications, and the developers of these tools are certainly producing some great work. For info on some of these, have a look at some of the best third party add-ons.

If you need to streamline or expand your use of BusinessVision or the management of your BusinessVision data, please give us a call to discuss how some of these tools can actually save you money or make you money.

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