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Sage BusinessVision 7.2 Features

Top features in BusinessVision 7.2

Sage BusinessVision version 7.2 was released in 2008, and added many, many new features that users have told us they loved. From major inventory changes to many subtle changes, this was a very good set of improvements, and 7.2 was very stable for clients who had not yet updated to Sage BusinessVision 2009 / 7.3 or 2010 / 7.3.

Since payroll support for version ended at the end of 2010, you should consider upgrading to version a current version, but we'll leave this page here so you can see all the features added in version 7.2 and kept in later versions.

Note that this version is no longer supported

The features that clients reported as being among their favourites in 7.2 were these:

Top New Features - Sage BusinessVision 7.2

  • Inventory: Multiple Units of Measure - this is a huge one for certain industries. You can purchase, stock and sell in different units of measure, with all the conversions happening based on whatever formula you tell it to use. For example, buy in a Case of 1000, stock in boxes of 100, and sell either in boxes of 100 or individually (each)
  • Inventory: Non-physical inventory - Not to be confused with non-stock, non-physical items are those that you don't track in your inventory but need to sell in a consistent fashion, such as supplies, services, labour or overhead. This allows you to use these items on Purchase Orders or Sales Orders but not have to worry about keeping them "in stock"
  • Inventory: Multiple UPC codes - each item can have multiple UPC codes - including different ones for a Case of something versus a single piece
  • Order Entry - adds and stores the Required date
  • GL - Journal Entries - begin entering a journal entry (J/E), then print what you've entered so far, so you can review it easily before posting
  • GL - Unlimited GL history is retained for reporting purposes. You can still enter transactions in the 3 open fiscal years, but now can retain all GL history and run reports on it at any time
  • GL - you can now import a Chart of Accounts, as well as journal entries

As noted, clients are reporting that they're very happy with the new features in 7.2. If you're ready to move forward to this version, the upgrade is fairly straightforward, depending on which version you're upgrading from. Give us a call to review the requirements, and we can begin planning your upgrade today.

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